Porthcawl is a popular tourist destination in the South of Wales and even though the town's popularity has dwindled since the closing of the local mines, it continues to offer a plethora of great quality beaches, high quality accommodation, and a number of unique and enjoyable features that make it popular as a holiday destination.

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About Porthcawl

The South Wales town of Porthcawl is a popular destination for holidaymakers and day trippers alike. It offers an appealing combination of countryside and seaside while offering quick and easy access to the rest of the stunning Glamorgan region. The once bustling seaside resort is filled with and surrounded by attractions for the whole family and whether you're looking for some of the best golf courses in the area or a large funfair that is modelled on Coney Island in New York you can find it in Porthcawl.

Things to Do in Porthcawl:

Events & Festivals in Porthcawl:


Historically speaking, the old town of Porthcawl was completely overrun by sand back in the 14th century although you can still see some of the remains of the town and of Kenfig Castle if you visit the area that is known as Kenfig Burrows. Following this, the town became known as a coal mining town in the 19th century and became especially popular as a holiday destination for local coal miners. While the coal mines have closed and miners no longer spend their holidays here, you will still find a large number of tourists especially during the summer season.

Beaches And Sports

The reason for Porthcawl's popularity is its location on the coast. Served by numerous beaches, two have been awarded blue flags for excellence, and the shores are especially popular with surfers taking part in national and regional competitions that are regularly held at Rest Bay. Other alternative sports, which fall in the same category of surfing, are also proving popular especially skateboarding and BMX riding and a number of other activities and sports can be enjoyed in the area throughout the year.

Golf And Festivals

The location of Porthcawl means that it is ideally situated for some challenging golf holes and with three courses serving the area, Porthcawl is popular with the golfing fanatic. Royal Porthcawl Golf Club is the most popular of these, and all three are situated to the north of the town. Depending on when you visit you may be able to take in a festival or event of one kind or another too with the likes of the Elvis Festival and Jazz Festival being an annual event.

The Beaches

It is the beaches that act as the principle draw of the area with holidaymakers. Many people that choose to stay in the British Isles for their holidays have visited or continue to visit Porthcawl. There are 7 notable beaches including Trecco Bay and Rest Bay which have both been awarded the Blue Flag for excellence and cleanliness. Sandy Bay is also noteworthy for the infamous Christmas Morning Swim which takes place here; hundreds of swimmers, some wearing fancy dress, brave the cold water to enjoy a quick dip on Christmas Day morning.

Trecco Bay And Other Accommodation

A large part of Porthcawl is taken up by the extensive Trecco Bay caravan park. There are also many guest houses and a number of good quality hotels in which visitors can stay if they wish. A lot of the accommodation is found near the promenade which has been in existence since Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887. The promenade was restored towards the end of last century and much of the seafront area has been earmarked for substantial regeneration plans. These plans aim to offer protection to existing buildings and development, and to allow further development in the area.