2nd Hand / Used Surfboards for sale – Bristol area?

Question by rhys b: 2nd Hand / Used Surfboards for sale – Bristol area?
Does anybody know a good place to buy a second hand or used minimal, approx. 7″4 – 7″6 in the South West, preferably Bristol? (Websites or actual shops) Looking to spend under £200.

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Answer by dave
Have you tried the trade it?

Or take a drive to Malc’s cafe at Porthcawl. He often has second hand boards for sale and you could get some surfing done while you are there. Its only about an hour from Bristol.

Answer by cityonedown
this is the local surf club for your area and should definitely be able to help you out and point you in the right direction

and this link has a few used boards in the porthcawl area

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