7 Welsh ghost stories that will scare the pants off you

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Forget the horror flicks and scary masks, these ghosts resident in Wales will really terrify you this Halloween.

1. The Gwyllgi of Lisworney Crossways

According to a Victorian legend,a giant half-man, half-beast with piercing red eyes haunted a place called Lisworney Crossways. The Gwyllgi terrified any man or woman who came across it, until a young farmer by the name of Jenkins revealed it to be a spectre – after he threw his hat at the apparition.

Although his true form was revealed the creature and more of its kind have continued to petrify any who come across them.

2. The flooding of the Vyrnwy Reservoir

As if Lake Vyrnwy wasn’t eerie enough, sitting atop a drowned village, it is also said to be haunted by the spirit of the goblin Cynon. Trapped under a huge rock after an exorcism, there he was to remain until ‘water should work its way between the stone and the dry land’.

However, in 1880, in the process of turning the valley into a reservoir, the stone was broken – despite the warnings of the Welsh locals. As the dust cleared, a pool of water came into sight from underneath the rock. As the fearful bystanders watched, a large frog emerged calmly from the a pool of water, apparently unharmed by the dynamite blasts. 

But still the workers kept their distance, unsure if the frog was a spirit incarnate. It eventually moved on but for many nights afterwards those passing the spot heard heavy chains scraping along the ground where the rock once stood.

3. Bridal bones

On her wedding day, a young woman from Gwynedd, garbed in dress and veil, decided to play a trick on her bridal party by hiding in a hollow tree. 

But disaster struck: despite her struggles the woman became stuck, starving to death in misery.

However, the story does not end there: some years later lightning struck the tree, carving it in two, finally allowing the woman to be free again. Her betrothed, having already gone mad from her disappearance, was said to have dropped dead from the shock of her bones.

Reunited in death, the remote valley is still haunted by the ghostly couple, who wander the land hand-in-hand.

4. Sker by name, scare by nature

Sker House in Porthcawl dates back to the 12th Century but to this very day ghostly sightings have been reported at the building.

Originally a monastic grange of Neath Abbey, the house was later taken over by a ‘gentleman farmer’, who lived there with his daughters.

The story tells that one of the farmer’s daughters, Elizabeth, fell in love with a carpenter – but her father was displeased, thinking that the girl’s beloved was not good enough for her.

The young couple planned to elope but on the night Elizabeth’s love was due to pick her up, he was scared off by dogs barking, fearing he would be caught. Elizabeth was forced into marrying another man, but passed away not long after, apparently of a broken heart.

Her despairing spirit has wandered the rooms of Sker House since, wailing, screaming and screeching to any who will hear. Shadowy figures are frequently seen, with some reporting a queasy feeling upon entering the building, claiming that evil is present.

5. The spectres of Margam Castle

The beautiful Margam Castle is home to a handful of ghosts, each with their own distinctive look and purpose. The two most terrifying, however, met with particularly grizzly ends.

A man, thought to be Robert Scott, a former gamekeeper, is frequently seen walking up the Gothic staircase which leads to the castle entrance. The ghost of Scott is said to be engulfed in rage, having been murdered by a poacher that dared come to the castle grounds. Although the spirit seems unconcerned by the presence of the living, he is said to be walking purposefully, forever trapped in misery.

The castle is also home to the spirit of a ‘white lady’, who wanders the planes between living and dead. Having once worked in the castle, the woman took her own life, and that of her unborn child with it. Although the circumstance of her suicide is shrouded in mystery, this spirit is not a pleasant encounter, chilling any room she may enter.

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