8 satellite pictures to make Porthcawl feel better about its phallic skate park

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The phallic Porthcawl skate park is far from the only design cock-up to be spotted in the age of Google Maps.

A street in Hoylake, on the Wirral, hit the headlines last year when the combined shape of George Road, Edward Road, and Yeoman Cottages was spotted online.

Resident Carl Hodge, 45, told the Daily Telegraph at the time: “Since someone spotted this on Google Earth we have all become a laughing stock.

“You can’t argue because it really does look just like a man’s c*ck and balls.”

And after WalesOnline posted the skate park story one reader mentioned the bus station in Merthyr and its similarity to a certain appendage of a dog’s anatomy.

Take a look through the pictures and see if you agree …

Article source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/fun-stuff/8-satellite-pictures-make-porthcawl-7041386