814 Elvises shake up world record at Porthcawl festival

THE King of rock and roll has landed — all 814 of them.

Elvis-mania has proved the King is certainly not dead with hundreds of fans donning their best Elvis-look to smash the world record for the largest gathering of Presley impersonators.

  1. Dan Lewis of Bridgend strikes an Elvis pose

    Dan Lewis, of Bridgend, strikes an Elvis pose.

An official headcount by independent verified officers from Bridgend Council gave the thumbs up as the impersonators shaked, rattled and rolled and sang a chorus of Hound Dog.

Organiser Peter Phillips said the event, held at Trecco Bay Holiday Park near Porthcawl, was one to remember.

“It was the busiest I have ever seen Porthcawl,” he said.

“Every year we say it can’t get any better.

“They were wearing all different Elvis costumes from gold lame jackets, to leather jump suits and GI uniforms.

“During the record attempt, the crowds joined in and there were about 2,000 singing along.”

Mr Phillips said he never thought they could get so many people involved.

“I had been playing it down as the record was held by Nike with 645 who did it with their employees in Las Vegas,” he said.

“The previous record before that was 149 at an Elvis festival in Australia.

“I had been saying that we needed to beat that record. But we shattered the Nike record. It was amazing.

“They were doing it at 10am so I thought people would not get up that early.

“But it was unbelievable.”

He said there was to be another record attempt at the Parkes Festival in Australia in January.

“They are already calling it Elvis Ashes.

“It will be the New South Wales versus the old South Wales.”

The attempt was organised by Love2Walk and was headed up by Darren Jones from Cymbran who was voted Best Welsh Elvis earlier this year.

The weekend also included a search for the best festival Elvis 2012 at The Grand Pavilion theatre.

In May, hundreds of Swansea City supporters took former boss Brendan Rodgers’s advice to mark the end of the Swans’ first Premier League campaign by dressing up as Elvis.

Rodgers called on fans to ditch their usual get-up and come as the King apparently in response to bookies’ comments at the start of the season claiming there was more chance of spotting the icon walking down Wind Street than seeing the Swans avoid relegation.


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