A ‘Buddy’ good show at Porthcawl Stroke Club!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

By GEM Community Correspondent

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It is always a joy to experience different artists at the Porthcawl Stroke Club, a spokeswoman reported.

Dave Wickenden – billed as Europe’s number one Buddy Holly impersonator – was a brilliant artist and professional, who took many of the members down memory lane by playing the guitar and singing hit songs from the fifties.

Buddy Holly, the Beverley Brothers, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Steele and more featured in his repertoire. People were singing and tapping their feet, and it was nice to see everyone just enjoying the moment, a really pleasant and entertaining morning.

After the death of one of our longest-serving members, we all needed an inspirational influence. Jean Groom would have loved this session.

Jean was always smartly dressed and never let her illness get in the way of leading a full life. Our thoughts go out to her loving family.

Mary Evans, who has been in hospital for some time, again would have enjoyed this session. Mary, an amiable person full of laughter and fun, is a really happy lady. Thinking of you Mary, good health and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Anyone wishing to join the Porthcawl Stroke Club should contact Keith and Mary Duggan on 01656 773376. The club runs on Wednesday mornings between 10am – 12pm at The Masonic Lodge Home, Porthcawl. Transport is provided for the less abled.

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