A mystery ‘island’ off the coast of Porthcawl!

Monday, 31 July 2017

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Mention the term ‘Lost Island’ and you are soon in the world of Jules Verne – where explorers find a new world, previously hidden from view.

For a brief spell last Friday (July 28) Porthcawl appeared to have acquired its own new island– its own version of Flat Holm or Steep Holm at Penarth!

Local photographer Keith E Morgan explained:?“At about 1.45pm, a ‘mysterious island’ appeared to rise out of the waters of the Bristol Channel and loom very clear on the horizon to an observer on the sea front of Porthcawl.

“This materialization did not last long, but the island was also noticed by the coast watchers on duty in the Old Watch Tower and they identified it for me as being the Selworthy Beacon on Bossington Down near Minehead on the Somerset coast.

“Due to a natural phenomenon, the background of the Somerset coast was lost in the mist and the headland appeared to be isolated and cut off from the mainland – as well as being enlarged by some form of light refraction as captured in the accompanying photograph.

“Did any other GEM reader notice this unusual materialization?”

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