Affects of Italian immigration to Wales?!?

Question by Emily: Affects of Italian immigration to Wales?!?
I’m doing as essay on American and Welsh immigration for my welsh bacc and Im focusing on Italian immigrants. I have a lot of info on how Italian immigrants affected America, but ive no idea what to write about Wales! I’ve written so far that they came over after the industrial revolution and set up businesses, and that they helped the welsh economy and they were accepted, and then i wrote about how during WW2, they were seen as enemies, and many were sent over to former overseas colonies, such as canada, and then i wrote about the arandora star, but now im stuck!
i need to know, HOW (in more detail) they affected the welsh economy, why they were accepted into wales and why many decided to come over to wales.
I need more detail, because so far Ive only got about a page on the Welsh stuff.
And then I need to do a comparison between the american and welsh immigration, and state which had a more positive affect on the country, so if you could help me with that aswell, thatd be great!
this is due in tomorrow, so i need info ASAP, and im really struggling to find anything, and its mega important, i need it to get into sixth form!
Sorry this is so long, Ill aware best asnwer for, well, the best answer!! Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Bazza
It’s effects not affects. Well the Welsh were rubbish at making ice cream prior to the arrival of the Italians, that’s for sure.

Answer by nlv
The italian pow worked in mines, agriculture etc, many decided to stay behind after WW2.

There are a few links on the web about this.

Search engine “italian settlement wales uk” and filter out the Australian stuff

Answer by ronaldinhollew
They set up coffee and ice cream shops as well as restaurants and chip shops.

They introduced coffee and Ice cream to Wales.

Most Italians that moved to Wales in the early influxes learned Welsh and spoke it as their day to day language, because back then all the valleys were Welsh-speaking.

My grandad told me a story once about the English evacuees and the Italians in the Aman valley. When my grandad was on the bus to school during ww2, the English evacuees, who’d all been chased out of London by the blitz, turned on the Italian children. The Welsh children on the bus got up and beat up the English kids for bullying their Italian friends. It made headlines and nearly got out of control.

If you want examples, look at all the businesses in south Wales with Italian names.

Sidoli’s cafes in Porthcawl. Cresci’s cafes in Brynaman. Rossi’s chip shop in Swansea. Joe’s ice cream parlours in Swansea (Joe Cascarini was his name).

The POW info is very relevant also.

You can also say that were it not for Italians, the Welsh Catholic community would be tiny.

Answer by Pidlan Fawr
The word is ‘EFFECTS’ ( not ‘affects’, which is the verb).

“The Welsh are the Italians in the rain,” said journalist Rene Cutforth. But just how did the Italians get to Wales?

In the wake of the industrial revolution, Italian people settled in Wales to create businesses and services for all the new workers who had arrived in Wales to work in the heavy industries of coal, steel and the docks.

At one stage there were many Bracchi (Italian cafés) dotted through the valleys, as much a part of the community as the chapel or the pub or the colliery or the miners’ institute.

However, the two communities had opposing attitudes towards religion, with the Roman Catholic Italians having a very different approach from the Welsh nonconformist one. There were to be clashes over the issue of the Italian cafés opening on Sundays.

Answer by James Crawley Maximus Meridius
Italians have been in Wales for generations there is lots of Italian cafes and Italian restaurants and Italian markets in Wales there is Little Italys in Wales there is lots of Little Italys in the UK there everywhere there is lots of Italian Welsh people in Wales i mean people of mixed of Welsh and Italian descent.

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