AM says Porthcawl plan is on the way

Sunday, 3 July 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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Regional AM Suzy Davies has been told by Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) that a new masterplan for the Porthcawl Regeneration Area is being finalised and will then go out for public consultation.

Mrs Davies, who is a Welsh Conservative regional AM, asked the council what was happening with the new plan, which was due out last December. She was told that the plan was drafted and is undergoing internal consultation within the council. Once that is completed, it will be put out for public consultation.

Mrs Davies also asked about the old Harlequin building which is located on part of the site at the Hillsboro Place car park. She was told that this building is part of the comprehensive regeneration plan and is located within the commercial core area, and will be marketed as part of this site.

Suzy Davies said: “After the collapse of the supermarket regeneration plan, constituents in Porthcawl are beyond exasperated at the lack of joined-up information coming from BCBC about the town’s future development.

“As we approach another tourist season, the Hillsboro car parks are still in a poor condition and offer a scruffy entranceway to the town centre.

“The Harlequin building is of local importance within a conservation area and is the last remaining remnant of the old Porthcawl railway station, so it has historic significance. It is owned by the council but has been allowed to deteriorate.

“They have been refused permission to knock it down so have carried out some remedial repairs recently.

“The council has offered no reassurance that they will be regenerating the building, rather that they are looking for a developer who will take it on as part of a commercial package for the area.

“That leaves it very vulnerable, in my view, to developers who will express an interest for the whole site on condition that they can get the appropriate permission to demolish the Harlequin.

“I know that the council say they have cleared away vegetation earlier this month but for much of the time it looks like a half derelict buddleia factory, right on one of the main walkways into town.

“Goodness knows when a developer will come forward to pursue this scheme and in the meantime, this building will deteriorate further. I hope that responses to the public consultation promote this alternative plan for the Harlequin.”

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