Anglers dip into £2500 cash pot at boat festival

THE 34th Salcombe Small Boats Festival was held in glorious sunshine with light winds on the first day which saw the outer limits of a mile offshore being fished.

The result was some cracking fish caught with good trigger fish, rays, conger, wrasse and bull Huss brought to the scales.

On the advice of the festival commodore and lifeboat coxwain Chris Winzor following the forecast of increasing westerly winds later on the second day, the boats were restricted to the area between Bolt Head to Prawle Point.

Good fish were caught which kept the weighmasters and results team very busy.

Nevertheless the results were out by 6pm and the trophies and £2,500 in prizes were presented by festival patron Francis Wills of Bonwitco Boats in Kingsbridge.

Of the much increased entry of 84 and 30 boats, more than 25 per cent were visitors to the area.

Many had travelled from far-flung parts of England and Wales, including the regulars from Southampton and a large contingent from the Porthcawl Boating and Fishing Club who are regular visitors, bringing much needed revenue to the local area.

David Rowe, on behalf of the organisers, thanked the competitors who had supported the Festival, and made the point that the Division was committed to the long running and popular festival.

Its future rested with the competitors who he urged to return to their clubs and sell the Salcombe Festival to other boat anglers

Donations will be made to the RNLI and Young Salcombe Centre.

The organisers, The Angling Trust’s Wyvern Division are grateful for the support of the Main Sponsors, Lowerance Marine Electronics, part of the Navico Group, Bonwitco Boats and Wills Marine of Kingsbridge who supplied the stewards’ boat.

Other supporters were, Torbay Angling Centre, Plymouth Angling, and Sea View Angling, Plymouth.

In addition, the Salcombe Harbour Office of the South Hams District Council and the RNLI assisted in ensuring the event was a success.


First (British Shoe Cooporation Cup) — Toni Bolsworth (Shaldon); trigger fish (4lb, 10oz), cuckoo wrasse (1lb, 2oz ), 244.17%; Second (Ludbrook Cup) — Danny Dagger (Shaldon); trigger fish (3lb, 11.6oz), ballan wrasse (5lb, 10.8oz), 227.35%; Third (Torbay ASA Tray) — Simon Putt (Slapton, Kingsbridge SAC); conger (46lb, 15.5oz), blonde ray (21lb, 1oz), 222.73%: Fourth — Niel Tadman (Newport, South Wales); bull huss (11lbs, 14oz), ballan wrasse (4lbs, 7.8oz), 180.55%; Fifth — Tony Ellis (Plymouth); bull huss (11lbs, 5.6oz), red gurnard (1lb, 1oz), 179.58%; Sixth — Graham Carter (Dittisham); cuckoo wrasse (1lb, 7.2oz), red gurnard (12.4oz), 178.50%; Seventh — Mike Winsborrow (Newport); bull huss (9lbs, 13oz), ballan wrasse (5lbs, 1oz), 173.82%.

Best Flat Fish (Paignton SAA Cup) — Tasmin Putt (Slapton, Kingsbridge); plaice (2lbs , 1.6oz), 52.50%; Best Pollack (PT Read Trophy) — Raymond Miller (Plymouth); 5lbs, 5.6oz, 66.88%; Best Ray (P Harris Tray) — Trevor Millman (Halwell, Totnes, Paignton SAC); blonde ray (24lbs, 5oz), 121.56%; Best Wrasse (Babbacombe Cup) — Vaughan Harding (Bridgend, Porthcawl SAC); ballan wrasse (4lbs, 9.6oz), 83.64%; Best Specimen Not Listed (Norton Selway Cup) — Phil Pepperell (Modbury); bull huss (11lbs, 3oz), 93.23%; Best Specimen Caught on Saturday (Engraved Glass Tankard Pool) — Toni Bolsworth (Shaldon); trigger fish (4lbs, 11oz), 154.17%; Best Specimen Caught On Sunday (Engraved Glass Tankard Pool) — Simon Putt (Slapton, Kingsbridge SAC); blonde ray (21lbs, 1oz), 105.31%.

Best Specimen Caught by a Lady (Phyllis Dore Tray) — Helen Bradford Putt (Slapton, Kingsbridge SAC); thornback ray (10lb, 3oz), 84.90%; Best Specimen Caught by a Junior (Yeovil Junior Trophy) — Sam Jordan (Brixham SAC); thornback ray (7lb, 10oz), 58.85%; Best Visitor (50 miles) — Vaughan Harding (Bridgend, Porthcawl SAC ); conger (34lbs, 5oz) 85.78%; First Team Of Two: (Two best Fish by each angler) — Toni Bolsworth, Danny Dagger (Team AA); trigger fish (4lb, 2oz), trigger fish (3lb, 11.6oz), 278.34%.

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