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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

By GEM Community Correspondent

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A group of anglers based in Beddau have pulled together to raise funds for Porthcawl RNLI

Anglers frequently use the breakwater, which is close to the RNLI station, as a vantage point. Indeed, just before Christmas the lifeboat was launched to rescue an angler who had been washed into the sea by a large wave.

With this in mind, the ‘Taffy Anglers’ – a club which is 22-strong and can boast two juniors in the fold, recently raised more than £700.

The club is headed by Mark Jones and Clive Dowsett both from Beddau.

Mark Jones said:?“The club is about having fun, nothing is taken too seriously when we are out other than having a great time, learning off one another and catching specimen fish.

“After we got ourselves established we thought we could make a difference to the sea angling community by raising funds for the RNLI. In Porthcawl they have two inshore vessels and a super spec tractor for launching and retrieving the crews safely, so a constant cash flow is necessary.”

Clive Dowsett continued:?“The club arranged a day out last year where we managed to collect a good some of money and passed it onto the guys and gals at Porthcawl’s RNLI.

“We have been made to feel very welcome by chairman John Abraham and his lifeboat operations manager Mr Phil Missen MBE, who steer the 50-strong group of volunteers and ensure professional standards and continual training for the crews – 365 days a year’.

“We were greeted by warm handshakes and given a guide around the lifeboat station, with epic huge sea photos peppering the walls of the training room, which is a stark reminder of the perils and dangers these brave people face daily when ‘we’ the public make mistakes.

“The actual money raising process was carried out by dressing as Santa and fishing for several hours on the promenade at Porthcawl where a mixture of dogfish, whiting and pout were caught. Several of the guys had sponsor forms so friends and family helped to increase the days count up to £761.24!

“Having been privileged to talk freely with some of the guys at the community room above the RNLI shop, which is incidentally open 7 days a week; it was obvious the passion the men and ladies have for their community and the efforts people go to, to raise money.

“RNLI press officer Mr Ian Stroud spoke with passion about the good work the local community do and highlighted the need for continual support, just to be able to offer in house and external training for the crews.

“He also mentioned that the local Christmas Day swim, that has run over 51 years, decided that the 2016 funds raised will be given directly to the station which proves that community spirit is high.

Report and photograph by

Gareth Davies for Total Sea Fishing Magazine

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