anyone know how many caravans are sited at?

Question by nik: anyone know how many caravans are sited at?
Skegness U.K including Ingolmells ?

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Answer by GB J
whats the prize for guessing it right? i’ll go for 24k. did i win? where’s my prize?

Answer by SANTA
thousands! honest!

go to

type in skegness…..

go to satellite view…

zoom in!!

you can see all the caravans !!

don’t have time to count them all..sorry!

Answer by billythenewf
Do you mean holiday caravans or ‘pikeys’?

Answer by Dark Prince

I tried to count them but kept losing count!! Also I can only count up to 75 so I may not be very good at this question!!

Seriously though, I’d imagine there are about 7-8000 vans based in the area.

A bit of useless information, the biggest caravan site in the UK is based at Porthcawl in South Wales, it is HUGE!!

Happy Counting!!


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