Baby arrives on 100th birthday of her great grandmother

Sheila StorerMrs Storer said she was looking forward to meeting the latest addition to the family

A baby girl has been born on the day her great grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday.

Baby Margo, who weighed in a 7lb 11oz, arrived four days after her due date to the delight of Sheila Storer from Porthcawl, Bridgend county.

The family had been hosting a party with 60 guests when Natalie Cole, who lives in London, went into labour.

They said they hoped Margo would inherit her great grandmother’s ‘longevity and keen mind”.

Ms Cole, who already has a son, 23-month-old Rhys, with her husband Benjamin, said: “We were all very excited about granny’s 100th birthday as it was, so for Margo to be born on that day is just amazing.”

Her mother Jane Rees added: “We could not have laid odds on it.

“I was in south Wales hosting a party for mum with 60 guests when Natalie went into labour.

“Then the phone went at 2am and I was told we had a girl.

“I later went down to give my mother her presents and to say ‘happy birthday’ and told her Natalie had the baby and she was absolutely thrilled.”

Baby MargoBaby Margo had been due on 12 September but was four days late

The family describe former teacher Mrs Storer, who was born on 16 September 1913, as “a very active lady who still plays bridge”.

Mrs Storer said: “It’s every exciting. I didn’t think my great granddaughter would be born on my birthday but she was.

“Maybe next year we’ll have a joint birthday party,” she added.

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