Barry’s new Internet stars

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

By Tim Chapman
in Local People

TWO Barry men, who are Liverpool fanatics, are becoming social media stars with videos analysing how the club is performing.

Paul Lewis, known as ‘Leggsy’, and Robert Brown, ‘Biccy’ (55) are filmed by Paul’s brother Alun and the clips have had thousands of hits on Facebook and You Tube.

Even former Liverpool legend Michael Owen is said to be a fan.

Paul (49) has built a wooden studio in his back garden based on Liverpool’s famous ‘Boot Room’ which was where the club’s coaching team used to plot its domestic and European triumphs.

Paul said: “I’ve supported Liverpool since I was 10 and I’ve been up to Anfield on many occasions.

“When we started doing the videos a few months ago we never thought it would end up so popular.

“It was just to cheer ourselves up and have a bit of a rant as to why Liverpool weren’t performing.”

On the day they did their first clip, Paul was going to do it as a ‘selfie’ but his brother Alun happened to knock on the door and offered to do the filming.

With Alun as director, Internet stars ‘Leggsy’ and ‘Biccy’ were born, providing a stream of banter and analysis, often advising the club’s popular manager Jürgen Klopp on what he should do next.

Most of the comments they get are positive, although social media being what it is, they do receive negative ones.

Paul said: “They’ve been well received with some good replies and comments. Of course, there are the small percentage of haters too.

“The clips are shared around social media. We’re planning to do a Christmas special about a week before Christmas Day.”

The two men are even getting recognised when they are out and about in Barry and the Vale.

Paul explained: “I was at Tesco off the Port Road and the woman in the delicatessen said ‘I’m not going to serve you until you tell me when your next video is’.

“Robbie works for LDS Motors delivering motor parts round the Vale and gets people asking him when the next clip will be up.”

Paul and Robert aren’t just ‘armchair football fans’ – they’ve been involved in local football for many years. They currently manage and coach local premier division team FC Barry Belgrade.

They are part of a growing trend of people who upload videos involving a particular interest. And their fame seems set to spread even wider.

Paul said: “I’m hoping to post the videos on the ‘Liverpool Red Men’ TV site as well.

“Robert’s niece has a friend who knows Michael Owen and he has seen them and thinks they are very funny.”

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