Beach clean campaign launches Saturday

Thursday, 18 January 2018

By GEM Staff Reporter
in Environment

THIS Saturday sees the launch of ‘Barry Island #2minutebeachclean’ which the organiser hopes will be a step towards making Barry a fully-fledged ‘eco town’.

The inspiration behind the campaign is Aoife Blight who runs a social media account ‘Zero Waste Cardiff’.

But Aoife’s latest initiative involves Barry.

She explained: “I recently represented the #2MinuteBeachClean on BBC 1’s ‘Let’s Get a Good Thing Going’.

“The show was broadcast just before Christmas and showcased community initiatives in Barry.

“We presented our community project to a crowd in the hope of winning funding to get our project up and running.

“Mine was to bring the #2minutebeachclean to Barry Island and I was lucky enough to win.”

Aoife’s concept is simple: it involves an A-frame board that has all of the information people need to do a safe and quick litter pick when they’re on the beach.

She said: “I was also able to buy litter pickers and gloves so that people can take part with ease.

“The board encourages people to get involved with keeping their natural spaces free from marine and general litter.

“It gives people an immediate sense of well-being as well as helping prevent litter from floating out to sea. There is a massive problem with plastic in the oceans and this is one small way that everyone can contribute to a solution.

“We’re launching the official Barry Island #2minutebeachclean board this Saturday at midday.

“It will be positioned at the entrance to Whitmore Bay opposite Marco’s Cafe.”

Aoife has been supported by the Vale Council but also from local businesses. She said: “O’Shea’s cafe has been particularly supportive and are helping me to take care of the board and litter picking equipment.”

Aoife added: “We believe that this is the first step towards making Barry an ‘eco’ town.”

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