Behaviour of Royal Porthcawl Golf Club members at funeral blasted as ‘yobbish’

Thursday, 13 April 2017

By Andy Johnstone
in Local People

Mourners at a recent committal at Margam Crematorium described the behaviour of members of the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club (RPGC), who were there to attend another service, as “yobbish”.

The club confirmed that it was responding to a letter of complaint from a woman who had attended a funeral at the crematorium.

That woman, a close relative of the deceased, contacted The GEM with a copy of her letter to the club’s secretary, Michael?Newland, detailing her complaint and calling on the club to take action.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, detailed what she, and others, witnessed: “The funeral was scheduled for 1.30pm and when our hearse and cars drew up a couple of minutes before, my family and I were asked to stay in the car.

“We didn’t think anything was amiss; the fact that we didn’t recognise any of the people standing outside the entrance was, we thought, due to the previous funeral running a little late.”

She said that after a short while, the family’s funeral director led them into Margam and the committal service took place.

She continued: “We found out afterwards the reason for the delay.

“It was because of members of RPGC – they were identified by their club ties – insisted on standing near the entrance, making a lot of noise and refusing to move away.”

The mourner was told that the RPGC service was not due to begin until 2pm.

She said: “The funeral they were attending wasn’t due to start until 2pm, so why they were milling about before and blocking the entrance is beyond belief.”

A number of people, including other mourners, a vicar and a funeral director, were reported to have asked the golf club party to move way and to “have some respect”.

“Despite this, the RPGC party continued with their yobbish behaviour, and a vicar said that they had ‘never encountered such behaviour at a funeral’.”

The female mourner added: “Thankfully we’d had a church service at 12.15pm in the village where our relative had lived, which had been perfect.

“But this incident has had a negative impact on our family and friends, most cannot believe what they witnessed.”

She continued: “I was upset on learning what happened, but now I am absolutely furious.

“I know not every club tie wearing member was involved but, on the whole, most ‘culprits’ were wearing them.”

The GEM contacted Mr Newland of RPGC for comment.

He replied: “I can confirm that I have received a letter from a woman whose [close relative’s] funeral took place at Margam Crematorium immediately before the funeral of a member of Royal Porthcawl Golf Club.

“I am replying directly to that letter.”

The club, which received its ‘Royal’ prefix in 1909, hosted the 2014 Senior Open Championship and will again in July.

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