Bridgend-based boffin nets national NHS role

Sunday, 22 January 2017

By GEM Staff Reporter

in Health

A Bridgend-based scientist who plays a crucial role in ensuring patient safety across ABMU is lending his expertise to NHS organisations UK-wide.

ABMU’s medical device training manager Paul Lee has been seconded to NHS Improvement in London to work as its patient safety lead for medical devices until August this year.

His new role will be helping to develop national advice and guidance to the NHS on reducing risks to patient safety.

He will use his 30 years of expertise in the NHS, and 13 years’ experience working in ABMU, to help focus on medical device-related incidents, as well as identifying emerging issues with new technology.

Paul will work closely with royal colleges, the Department of Health and other regulatory organisations and healthcare groups.

A scientist registered with the UK Science Council, he is also involved with research and publications, as well as innovative practical applications. In 2015, he worked with Morriston emergency consultant Kirsty Dickson-Jardine and control of infection nurse Joanne Walters – along with a private company – on a cannula safety pack to reduce the risk of infections.

After being successfully introduced in Morriston emergency department it was taken up by other Welsh health boards, and went on to win a MediWales innovation award.

Paul, who lives in Bridgend, believes his wide-ranging remit within ABMU has put him in good stead for his new role: “It’s a big challenge, but when I come back to the health board in August, I will have a much better overview of how we interact with government bodies, royal colleges and agencies.”

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