Bridgend seaside bench surrounded by railings removed by council

A spokesman said: “Huge chunks of the path were ripped apart, while
others were weakened and signs are in place warning the public not to walk
on the path as areas of it aren’t safe.

“However as the path can be accessed from the beach, some people are
still walking up on to the path.

“The positioning of this safety rail obviously looks unusual, but it was
to try to stop people from sitting on the bench, and walking in front of it
too, as this is an area of the path that is particularly unstable and likely
to collapse, causing further damage.

“As some people are still walking on the path even though it is closed,
we will either remove or relocate the bench to a more stable area until work
can begin on repairing and reopening the path.”

Twitter user Marc Webber reacted to the news, tweeting: “Breaking
Pews!!!’ “Bridgend Council not sitting on their laurels as they end
£porthcawl Bench-Gate by moving seat.”

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