‘Call-in’ request on biomass plant

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

By GEM Staff Reporter
in Environment

Plaid Cymru councillors who represent wards in the centre of Barry have requested the full Vale planning committee consider revisions to the planning application for the biomass plant on Barry Docks rather than leaving it to council officers to decide.

The plant was given planning permission in July 2015.

Currently, Natural Resources Wales is determining whether to award the company running the site a permit to operate.

Plaid councillor Millie Collins said: “Many residents in Barry have very strong concerns about a site located so close to the centre of Barry, which many feel should not have received planning permission from Tory and Labour councillors in 2015.

“Since then, Barry Town Council has commissioned reports about the environmental impacts of giving the site a permit and the Vale Council has finally reported that they too have concerns.

“However, receiving this planning application has been a surprise. Residents want to know why the site operators have been forced to request variations on their planning application.

“Is this because the developers have made mistakes that need correcting, or that the Vale council made a mistake in allowing this application to pass like this in the first place?”

Fellow Plaid Cymru councillor for Barry town centre Ian Johnson added:

“This revision is a matter of high public interest and should be discussed transparently by the Vale planning committee in the open so that interested local people can hear the questions and answers. It should not be a decision made by officers behind closed doors.”

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