Cape Cod-esque Village near Cardiff?

Question by me: Cape Cod-esque Village near Cardiff?
Marrying a Cardiff girl has put the kibosh on my hope of buying a Summer home in Cape Cod or Nantucket. It’s not that she wouldn’t approve, it would just be a silly purchase since we’ll be spending our Summer & Winter vacations in the UK.

I’ve decided to look for Cape Cod in Britain. The closest I’ve seen is The Mumbles Village area in Swansea. Any counter-suggestions or endorsements?

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Answer by Avalon
You might like Penarth, only just outside Cardiff, a lovely fishing type village.

Answer by olliedog
I’m actually from Penarth which is about 3-4 miles from Cardiff. There are loads of flats, houses etc for sale in the marina which is like a village in itself. Further along the coast away from Cardiff is Llantwit Major, then you come to Southerndown and Ogmore and further still is Porthcawl. All very nice in their own way.

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