Capsized canoeist rescued from freezing waters

3:29pm, Sun 24 Feb 2013

Last updated Sun 24 Feb 2013

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  • Swansea
  • Porthcawl
  • RNLI
RNLI crews said the outcome could have been ‘totally different’ for the canoeist Credit: RNLI

Porthcawl RNLI has rescued a man suffering from the early stages of hypothermia after his canoe capsized in freezing waters off Sker Beach.

Swansea coastguard received a Mayday call from a fishing boat stating they had rescued the canoeist from the water.

RNLI crews were dispatched to bring the man from the fishing boat back to the lifeboat station, where his condition was stabilised until an ambulance arrived.

RNLI Helmsman Simon Emms said: “It was a good job that the crew of the fishing boat spotted the canoeist in the water when they did. If he had been in the freezing water for a few minutes longer, the outcome would have been totally different.”

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