Charity rescues stranded seal pup

A STRANDED seal pup has been rescued from the sea near Porthcawl’s Trecco Bay caravan park.

RSCPA officials came to the aid of the “large and boisterous” pup after it was spotted by the coastguard.

They found that marine cord was wrapped across he pup’s upper jaw, causing some discomfort.

The cord was removed safely while the seal is now in RSPCA care.

It will be returned to the sea shortly.

RSPCA inspector Nic de Celis said: “We think this seal is the same one that has been spotted in Swansea in recent weeks before making his way to Porthcawl.

“He’ll soon be as right as rain and will be back in ocean again.

“His plight is also a salutary reminder to all marine fishing vessels to take care when disposing of their nets.”

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