Circus defends itself from attack

Circus defends itself from attack

Friday, 12 April 2013

A CIRCUS that is due to visit Porthcawl next week has defended itself after coming under attack from an animal charity.

By an unusual coincidence, a press release from Circus Mondao announcing its visit, which arrived at The GEM at 1.21pm on Monday, was followed three minutes later by one from Animal Defenders International (ADI), urging Porthcawl residents to boycott it.

Jan Creamer, the chief executive of ADI, said: “Animals with travelling circuses are on the road for almost the entire year. That means they have to endure constant transportation and live in rudimentary, temporary accommodation.

“We urge people to visit circuses with human only acts – those acts have a choice.�

However, Petra Jackson of Circus Mondao, told The GEM that she was familiar with the attacks made by ADI and launched a passionate defence.

She said: “Our animals are kept in good quality stables and are inspected regularly. The local council calls at every new venue and we have had compliments on our animal welfare standards. We encourage people to visit the animals after the show and we have nothing to hide.�

Circus Mondao advertises that it has a wheel of death act (featuring the Mondao Brothers), and traditional circus acts such as jugglers, aerial artists and showgirls.

The animals include zebras, camels, llamas, horses, ponies, and pigeons.

Petra Jackson said: “The camels are used to give rides to children, and the zebras, llamas and others are used in a parade.�

She said that the horses did pirouettes and graceful movements in the ring, and the pigeons performed to music.

She added: “A trained dog won Britain’s Got Talent, and yet we are always being singled out by animal charities, who say that animals should not be trained to do tricks.

“Animal welfare inspectors all around the UK have been happy with the condition of our animals, and people in Porthcawl are welcome to come and see for themselves.�

Circus Mondao have never visited Porthcawl before. They will be on Coney Beach car park, from April 16–21.

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