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Thursday, 23 November 2017

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Everyone at Cogan Nursery School is delighted to have been presented with the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Schemes National Quality Award, by Cllr Bob Penrose, Cabinet Member for Learning and Culture.

Catherine Perry, senior health promotion specialist at the Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team has been working with Cogan Nursery to help them prepare for the award.

She said: “The enthusiasm for health is evident as soon as you walk through the door at Cogan Nursery. It is a very happy place, with staff, children, parents and governors all working together for the best outcomes for the children.

“The National Quality Award of the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Scheme is very well deserved by this nursery – huge congratulations to everyone there!”

A two day rigorous assessment took place at the end of the summer term. The school had to meet the following seven health topics highlighted: Food and fitness (nutrition and physical activity); mental and emotional health and wellbeing, including staff wellbeing; personal development and relationships, including sex and relationships education; substance use and misuse, including alcohol, smoking, and drugs (legal, illegal, and prescription); environment, including eco-initiatives and improving the school and wider environment; safety, including a variety of topics such as child protection, sun safety, internet safety, and first aid; hygiene including across school and non-school settings.

A five page report was compiled by the assessors who confirmed that: ‘There is no doubt that Cogan Nursery School is a healthy school, truly deserving of the National Quality Award. Health and wellbeing is at the heart of everything the school does; the inclusive nature of the school is an outstanding feature.

The general ethos of the school is outstanding with good behaviour and mutual respect evident.’

All of the seven health topics had outstanding features. The assessors were particularly impressed with the food and fitness topic and noted all pupils are active with many opportunities throughout the day both indoors and outdoors.

Mrs John, healthy schools coordinator commented: ‘All our children run 1 kilometre each week and also take part in regular gym sessions. We also have an after school gymnastics club which is recognised by British gymnastics. A number of our past pupils have been signposted to gymnastic clubs and one has been a Welsh squad member.’

Mrs Rowland, headteacher, reiterated: “All aspects of Healthy Schools are fully embedded as part of daily life at Cogan Nursery School. We have a Gold Award from Design to Smile for brushing teeth, our children are able to talk about healthy foods and those that should only be eaten as a treat. They have a good awareness of the sugar content of certain fizzy drinks.

“Their knowledge was shared with parents and carers during the assessment as well as the presentation. Everyone linked with the school – children, parents, staff and governors are delighted to receive the award.

“It will have pride of place alongside our other numerous awards including our second Ecoschool Flag, Fairacheiver Fairtrade Award, and our UK Teaching Team of the Year Award.

We are having an Open Day on November 24. Call the school on 029 20 701193 if you would like more information.

Pauline J Rowland

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