Could you foster a greyhound?

Monday, 10 October 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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A local greyhound rescue group is looking to recruit more volunteers to care for the dogs in their care.

Greyhound Rescue Wales rehomes ex-racing greyhounds, and volunteer Beverley Page from Llantwit major told The GEM:?“We have a need for homes most of all, but we are also starting up a foster scheme to help rehabilitate some of our long stay dogs.

“We are looking for super canine fosterers who will receive full support from our organisation’s team of experts. This helps our dogs learn about life in a home.”

A number of local residents are already fostering, and they are enjoying the experience.

Gill Jones of Pencoed said:?“Being a fosterer to our first greyhound has proved to quite a privilege!

“There has been lots of support around me if needed. It has proved great for my health as I am now walking more regularly and with purpose.

“There are also groups which offer a social network with organised walks, but,the most important part for me is giving this noble breed a second chance and to be able to keep them safe”.

Brenda Grove lives in Cowbridge and she had this to say:?“Some people in Cowbridge will have seen my whippet, Jasper and me walking with our new friend Carl the greyhound, whom we are fostering.

“After a bad start in life, this ex-racer was going to be shot because of a broken toe. Carl was taken in by Greyhound Rescue Wales and they found him a foster home with us.

“He arrived very nervous of everything, people, traffic, loud and unexpected noises but he is slowly adapting to a life in a home with regular walks, a comfortable bed (preferably your sofa) and plenty of TLC.

“It is very rewarding to see the difference that you can make to the well-being of an abused dog. Carl and Jasper get on well together and Carl, although large, is quite and gentle in the house.

“He is slowly learning that most people are kind and friendly and that life can be fun.

“Greyhound Rescue Wales is looking for more foster homes for dogs like Carl and I would recommend it.

“One other benefit is the increased exercise you get from the twice daily walks and, incidentally, contrary to what you might think, greyhounds do not require a lot of exercise.

“Basically, they are lazy dogs and two 20 to 30 minute walks a day with occasional free running in an enclosed field or similar will keep them happy.

“If you see us on our twice daily walks around Cowbridge, stop and talk to us and we will tell you all about it”.

Greyhound Rescue Wales can be contacted on 03000123999 or via

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