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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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I refer to the letter from Coun Graham Walters (May 18) in response to my letter (May 11), regarding the moving of Porthcawl Town Council offices.

I feel that his response failed to address the main point of my letter – the cost.

Firstly, the independents and former Liberal Dems were quite content to sign the first lease on the alternative office. This lease had several mistakes, with extra costs that the town council were expected to pay.

Porthcawl Town Council had to meet four times to look at the lease, and it had to be refused four times because of mistakes and extra costs.

Every time it was rejected by a democratic vote of council.

It seems that Coun Walter is not prepared to accept the democratic decision of the council, unlike the members of the Labour Party who stood for council elections in May and lost; we accepted the democratic results and moved on.

Coun Walters also referred to the fact that the town council offices are not DDA compliant. I would point out that the alternative offices are also not DDA compliant.

For the cost of all this extra rent, moving expenses, hiring meeting rooms, etc, a single person lift could be installed in the existing council offices.

JW Bunker,


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