Cricket: Summer activity is vital, insists Chris

A PUPIL from St Clare’s School, Porthcawl, who plays cricket for Wales, has been proving that just because it is outside of term time it doesn’t mean that children should be sitting on the sofa.

Chris Matthews, 12, a Welsh international of three years, is encouraging children to have at least one hour of activity per day before going back to school, and is leading by example.

Since first picking up a cricket bat at the age of six, it was clear that Chris had a natural talent when he went straight into local club Tondu’s Under 10 side.

Since then Chris has taken every opportunity to hone his skills, and now trains or plays with three cricket clubs every week of the summer holidays: Wales Under-12; Mid Glamorgan Under-12 and Tondu Under-12, Under-14, Under-16 and Seniors 2nds.


The wicket-keeper and batsman will next month be beginning his second year at St Clare’s senior school in Porthcawl after having been in the junior school for four years.

Chris, whose highlights of 2012 so far include top scores of 94 not out for Mid Glamorgan and 55 not out for Wales, said: “For me, sport is a really important part of being at St Clare’s, and when it comes to the holidays it’s no different.

“With the summer of sport on TV it can be tempting for children to spend hours on the sofa, but even doing a little activity every day will help keep you healthy and make it less of a shock when term starts.”

Chris is this month (August) representing Wales in the Under 12 cricket tournament at Taunton Cricket Festival at King’s College, Taunton, Somerset. In 2011 Chris’ Welsh squad came second overall in the prestigious festival, where teams from the UK and abroad battle it out for the shield during the five days of competition.In addition to playing cricket, Chris plays football at St Clare’s, rugby for Bridgend Athletic Under 13 and fits in fishing with Ogmore Angling Club when he can.Chris’ dad, Tony, who coaches Tondu Under 12 and Under 14 teams, said: “Chris has worked very hard to get where he is now in cricket. His success is a combination between personal hard graft and the support he receives from the family and coaches, not to mention the sports master at St Clare’s, Steve Martin, who encourages all students to get active whatever their level.”John Aguilar, Head of St Clare’s School, said: “The pupils and staff at St Clare’s are extremely proud of Chris’ achievements in cricket, and how he is using his position to inspire others to get active this summer. We hope other local children take his lead and exercise a little each day, just as we encourage our own pupils to do. We look forward to catching up with him in September.”Headed by leading educationalist, Sir Chris Woodhead, Cognita Schools is run by education experts with specialist expertise in all areas of K-12 provision. Cognita is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its schools, raising standards within the group via investment, rigorous quality assurance and school inspection programmes.


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