Cyclists ‘thank you’ to Porthcawl’s Good Samaritans – Glamorgan Gem

Monday, 5 October 2015

By GEM Community Correspondent

On Sunday morning September 13, we were cycling through Porthcawl towards Kenfig when Enid fell from her bike on Locks Common.

Although we were going quite slowly, she fell onto the kerb and was quite knocked about.

Within moments, we had all the help we could wish for from so many passers-by. An ambulance was called and a warm cover appeared as if by magic.

Enid was comforted by calm voices: Expert help was given by a passing off-duty nurse (James Bradley) whose father Ian kindly ferried our bikes back to Llantwit Major.

Passing off-duty paramedics also ensured that all was in order. The passing traffic was controlled until the police arrived to keep us all safe.

So many stayed with us until the ambulance arrived, showing great concern.

We thought constantly of a host of Guardian Angels.

Through the pages of The Gem, may we thank all those who gave so much support to us both, and great care to Enid.

Such freely offered help and concern confirms that open-hearted kindness lives on amongst the pressures of today’s life, when time seems to be at such a premium.

Our grateful thanks to you all.

Phil and Enid Bennion,

Llantwit Major

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