Daffodil Signs on Clothes This Spring to Raise Funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Daffodil Signs on Clothes This Spring to Raise Funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie Cancer Care will appeal to raise funds through its Great Daffodil. The funds will support people with terminal cancer. Marie Curie launched the annual fundraising drive earlier this month.

Daffodil sign on clothes has become popular and common sight during spring. People offer their support for the noble cause that provides much needed care to people with a terminal illness.

More than £3.7m were raised last year in Wales through regional fundraising. The money helped to provide expert care to about 3,000 Welsh patients with the terminal disease. The organization use funds for providing free nursing care to terminal cancer patients.

Simon Jones, head of policy and public affairs, Wales for Marie Curie Cancer Care, said: “Every service provided by Marie Curie Cancer Care relies on charitable donations. The generosity of people from across Wales makes our work possible and, in return, ensures that every penny raised in Wales is spent in Wales”.

Thousands of individuals, membership organizations and businesses help Marie Curie Cancer to raise 70% of the charity’s funds.

Reverend Jean Humphreys, 70, from Porthcawl, had her husband looked after at the Marie Curie Hospice, Cardiff and the Vale. She said the nurses supported to provide respite to her husband. Moreover, they asked her about how she was at that time and supported emotionally, physically and practically.

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