distance in a car – cardiff to porthcawl ?

Question by Liike A Star..*: distance in a car – cardiff to porthcawl ?
need to no this asap


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Answer by asmoothrider
Check www.multimap.com,it will give you all the info you need.

Answer by californiastateofmind
About 20-25 mins

Answer by sarch_uk
Distance between Cardiff and Porthcawl is slightly over 30 miles, and depending on whereabouts in Cardiff you are starting from, and traffic etc, would take around 30/40 mins to drive it.

Answer by Rehana A
28 miles

41 minutes

Answer by pmt853
It depends on which part of Cardiff you start from, and which route you take. Using either the A48 or the M4 it’s about 30 miles.

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