Do you know the story behind Newport charabanc?.

Do you know the story behind Newport charabanc?.

ON THEIR WAY: Do you know anything about this charabanc outing?

WITH the sun out and about as it is this week in Gwent, it would have been the perfect time to hop on board one of these and head off for a day trip.

The charabanc for many in the early 20th century was the icon of a trip away from the industrial towns and cities to the countryside or seaside.

Open-topped, they were particularly popular for sightseeing trips and annual works outings.

The early coaches are even referenced in Dylan Thomas’ The Outing, where the author talks of an accidental trip on the “Chara” for the annual men’s outing to Porthcawl.

This one, sent in by Argus reader John Banwell, from Newport, shows his father WS Banwell, outside, he believes, Tin Chapel in Corporation Road, Newport.

● Do you know where the charabanc was off to? Or anyone on board?

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