etyres Facebook fan wins TV tyres commercial competition

Reading: etyres Facebook fan wins TV tyres commercial competition

We are really pleased to announce the winner of our TV tyres commercial competition.

Last month we ran our top 10 favourite tyres adverts and asked our Facebook fans to vote for their favourite.

Melissa Williams from Porthcawl, Wales, was picked at random after voting for the Orangutan commercial – the runaway winnter – and a £25 John Lewis gift token is winging its way to her now.

She was delighted to win and posted: “Thanks so much etyres so pleased love John Lewis!”

The Uniroyal ad featured a group of Orangutan’s swinging from the tyres in the zoo, but when it starts to rain they all slip to the ground – all except one, who points to the tyre logo.

And the voice over at the end reveals: “In the wet you can’t chose a better tyre than a Uniroyal”.

You can still catch it yourself – and see details of our latest exciting give-away….

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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