EU cash will ‘enhance Porthcawl tourism’

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NEWS that a major tourism venture in Porthcawl has won EU cash has been welcomed by regional AMs.

And they say they are impressed with the plan which has been put together.

Suzy Davies, South Wales West AM, said she met the project chairman and the committee to see the plans for a flagship £7million Maritime Centre in the resort, set to be built alongside the newly- revamped harbour.

The scheme includes providing a multi-purpose building, surfing facilities and an area where boats can be laid up, out of the water, providing a dry dock.

Suzy Davies said: “It will certainly enhance the tourism offer that Porthcawl can make to visitors.

“I am delighted that they have received funding towards their business development and consultancy costs.

“There’s a still a long way to go but at the moment, things are moving in the right direction.”

The project has been awarded £38,000 from the EU-funded South East Wales community economic development programme towards business development and consultancy costs.

Phase one of Porthcawl’s regeneration Seven Bays Project was launched in 2004 and it was revised in 2007.

A planned harbour refurbishment has been completed.

However, there is no sign of plans for 1,350 new houses, which would offset the costs of flood defences, promenade improvements and other regeneration requirements.

Fellow AM Byron Davies, said that this scheme was more important then ever.

“With the council’s regeneration scheme stalled, we have to be grateful to this group of local people who have worked so hard to put this plan together,” he said.

“It will build on the work done by the council to revamp the old harbour and there are also plans to upgrade The Square. At least this part of Porthcawl will get the uplift it so desperately needs.”

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