First Communion at Our Lady’s, Maesteg

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

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It was a very sunny Sunday morning on May 14 when 20 children from Maesteg made their First Holy Communion at Our Lady St Patrick’s Catholic Church.

The church was full for the celebration as family, friends and regular church attenders gathered in celebration to support the children. Traditionally, First Holy Communion is seen as a coming of age in the Catholic Church.

The children, having reached the age of reason, knowing the difference between right and wrong, choose to approach the altar and take on Christ himself.

The entire celebration was one of excitement, praise and thanksgiving. Some of the children read during the Mass, catechists led the intercessions and parents presented the bread and wine for transformation into the Body and Blood of Christ to be given to their children.

This also marked a first within the parish as for the first time in living memory, the entire celebration stayed together for the rest of the day with in excess of 200 people gathering in Maesteg Town Hall for the after party.

Father Michael Doyle

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