Five for five for Penarth Windsor

Sunday, 9 July 2017

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Five matches, five wins for Penarth Windsor Bowls Club.

The ladies particularly enjoyed their evening at Mackintosh. Not only did they win but they were serenaded throughout the evening by a choir (brilliantly named Only Menopause Aloud) who were practising in the Institute Building.

Scores: C. Lewis, B. Dunlop, V. Flitney, M. Owen 21-22; A. Hudson, A. Morrish, C. Gunter, D. Thomas 20-16.

In the other match at a bitterly cold Llantwit Major, the ladies overcame the conditions to record a close 47-42 victory.

Scores: C. Lewis, B. Dunlop, A. Rees, D. Thomas 19-13; C. Davies, A. Morrish, M. Owen, K. Dyer 13-15; A. Hudson, J. Williams, L. White, V. Flitney 15-14.

The men returned three excellent wins. Pride of place to the PG1 team away at Penarth. They came away with an 88-55 win and the full 14 points.

Scores: Morgan, Palfrey, Gooding, Close 23-15; Evans, Thorne, Hope, Woodcock 20-13; Flitney, Morrish, Hudson, Mcleod 25-17.

For Paul Gunter, it was almost a bridge too far but he eventually got the bit between his teeth and helped Matthews, Burton and Holmes to a 20-10 victory.

There was yet another victory for the PG2 team, this time against Pontyclun.

Scores:?Johnson, Mathias, Latham, Davies D 22-19; Meredith, Davies A, Coleman, Woodcock 11/-22; Trenchard, Dudley, Rogers, Rees 27-10; Fullbrook, Williams, Hales, Howells 18-22.

At this rate, skipper Arty may have to change his game plan if the side is to avoid promotion.

The team’s final win came in the Munro Cup against Llantwit Major by 88-62.

The winning rinks were Morgan, Palfrey, Gooding and Close 29-12 and Evans, Thorne, Flitney and Woodcock 25-10.


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