Gavin & Stacey favourite phrase ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ inspires new …

Frantically trying to learn his lines with less than two weeks to go before opening night, leading man Tony Wright says the phrase ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ has wheedled its way into his brain.

“It’s funny, because ever since I first read the script, I have noticed myself saying it all the time, but when I think about it, it doesn’t make any sense,” he laughs.

The saying, which is described by the online Urban Dictionary as a ‘Welsh oxymoron’ meaning ‘you are on your way, but not immediately’, seems to capture something quintessentially Welsh.

In fact, it formed the centre of an  argument in Gavin Stacey  and even has its own Facebook  fan page.

The new show, which has been penned by Jack Llewelyn and has the phrase as its title, follows the typically Welsh Williams family, as they take their first foreign holiday for more than 30 years.

For husband and father Dai, the trip is an ordeal, as the most exotic thing he has done in the last three decades is to have pineapple with his gammon instead of eggs, but he has been coerced into the idea by forceful wife Angharad.

Dai has not travelled further than Barry Island since his youth, but is now expected to leave the comforts of home, board a plane and fly to Tenerife.

Former Capital Gold and Real Radio presenter Wright, who plays Dai’s neighbour Barry, said: “As soon as I saw the script, I absolutely loved it. It is a really fun show and it will be a great Welsh night out.”

He adds: “I think it is a subject that everybody can relate to.

“We will be touring all over the country, from Cardiff to Colwyn Bay, and in every single one of those areas, the audiences will be able to relate to the humour in the show.”

Wright had previously met writer Llewelyn while performing at The Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl.

Describing his co-star, he says: “He is a very funny and talented writer and actor.

“The previous productions I had seen by him were excellent and I could not wait to get involved with this show.”

Swansea-born Llewelyn’s previous offering Whose Coat Is That Jacket? also centred on the Williams family and went down a storm with audiences and critics alike.

Directed by Maxine Evans of Stella fame, the show told the tale of a rugby-mad brood from Trimsaran, centring on the life of one young man, who proved unable to free himself from the comforts of home, with hilarious consequences.

Introducing his character, Wright says: “He is called Barry and he was not in the previous show. He is the neighbour of Dai and Angharad, but his wife Poppy cannot stand them.”

He adds: “I love my character. He is a typical Welsh man, who likes a good night out and enjoys a bit of banter.

“He is down-to-earth, while his wife is a bit snobbish. He is a nice character to play because there is a little bit of him in me – he loves his family, but he does like a good night out.”

The cast are currently brushing up on their lines and will start intensive rehearsals on Monday before starting a two-week tour, which will take them to Cardiff, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Colwyn Bay and Cwmbran.

Wright, who has performed in pantomimes across South Wales, hopes he remembers his words.

“I am desperately trying to learn my lines, but they do not sink in as easily as they used to.

“At the moment, my head is constantly buried in the script in the hope I will absorb them.

“This will be my first time on the stage in three years, but I have always loved the immediacy of the theatre.

“It is lovely to look out at all those smiling faces. If you say something funny, the audience will laugh straight away, whereas on the radio, you can say something and then worry that it wasn’t as funny as you thought. “

The cast also includes Sara Harries-Davies, who has appeared in S4C dramas Cowbois ac Injans and Y Pris.

Looking ahead to the tour, Wright says: “We will have some long days of rehearsals and there will be a lot of travelling around, but we can’t wait to get on the road.

“We are all looking forward to performing in some great theatres for some wonderful audiences.

“We want to do a good show for the people of Wales. This is Welsh humour at its best and there really is something in it for everyone.”

Tour dates

Where? New Theatre, Cardiff

When? September 11 to 14

Tel? 029 2087 8889



Where? Grand Theatre,  Swansea

When? September 16 to 19

Tel? 01792 475715



Where? Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay

When? September 24

Tel? 01492 577888



Where? Congress Theatre,  Cwmbran

When? September 25

Tel? 01633 868239



Where? Aberystwyth Arts  Centre

When? September 26

Tel? 01970 623232



Where? The Lyric Theatre,  Carmarthen

When? September 28

Tel? 0845 226 3510


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