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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

By GEM Staff Reporter

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Despite a refurbishment and re-launch 15 months ago, the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel is to finally close its doors after 42 years, having failed to break even in recent years.

The specialist hotel for older people and people with disabilities, cited a lack of customers – even during the summer holiday period – as the primary factor.

“It has meant that a unique “hotel with care and support” on the seafront in Porthcawl must close at the end of October,” said Adrian Roper, CEO of Cartrefi Cymru, the charity that owns the hotel.

He said: “We are very sad to have to make this decision, and that we will have to say goodbye to the guests who have remained loyal supporters over the years, but we had no choice.

“Despite our best efforts and significant financial investment in upgrading the hotel facilities and trying to attract new customers, there has not been enough people coming to stay to cover the costs.

“As a charity, we have to ensure that we spend our money wisely. Sadly, the gap between income and expenditure at the hotel has stayed obstinately in the red, and the time has come to acknowledge this reality,” he explained.

Any job losses are expected to be low as Cartrefi Cymru will provide opportunities in other parts of its operations as one of Wales’s largest not for profit care provider.

Glamorgan Holiday Home was opened in 1974 by West, Mid and South Glamorgan county councils to provide holiday breaks for the elderly and frail of south Wales.

When local government was re-organised in 1996, the councils set up a charitable trust to run the home, initially with block contracts to pay for people in need of a holiday with support.

Gradually, the council contracts were withdrawn and the hotel has had to operate as a social business, selling individual holidays to self-paying guests.

Since 1974, major advances have been achieved in accessibility and facilities in options offered by standard hotels and holiday providers has meant less demand for a specialist service.

“I would like to thank all our regular guests and all our hard-working staff, and everyone who has tried to keep the hotel open. Times have changed and there is no longer sufficient demand for what the hotel had to offer,” said Mr Roper.

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