Glamorgan Smallholders launches new logo

Saturday, 16 September 2017

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The newly-formed Glamorgan Smallholders group has been given a corporate identity with the assistance of Caroline Fellows, who has recently designed a logo for the group.

Although Caroline is not a full-time designer, she has a real talent and was keen to assist the group.

Founder member of the group, Helen Joy, said: “We are really grateful to Caroline for creating this logo for us. It will help with our identity as we grow and develop as a group. Smallholding covers a wide range of animals and activities. It was difficult to cover everything, so a big thank you to Caroline who did an excellent job and we now have a logo which is just right for us.”

Glamorgan Smallholders plan to get like-minded people together to share knowledge, resources and to offer the all important support that is needed when people spend much of their time working alone.

Helen added: “As a group of like-minded people, it will be possible for us to support each other in a variety of different ways. Often larger companies don’t cater for the person who has just a few pigs, sheep or cows.

“Worming treatments, as one example, may often be out of date before they can be used. Through networking, we can get together as small groups who could synchronise when they treat their animals to take advantage of using the same product, saving money.”

She continued: “It is very much early days, as our first meeting will be later this month and we’ll be extending the hand of friendship and support with the help of Creative Rural Communities and The Three Horseshoes Country Inn. If you are a smallholder, producer, vet or supplier, we would be delighted to meet you. Let’s get together and make this happen. ”

The inaugural meeting of the Glamorgan Smallholders will be on Thursday, September 21 at The Three Horseshoes Country Inn, Moulton, CF62 3AB, at 7pm.

This will be a social evening to share the good, bad and indifferent experiences of working with the land and livestock.

For further information, see Glamorgan Smallholders on Twitter @GlamSmallholder or call Jane on 078900 22319. AS

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