Gower unfair about Gower

ALTHOUGH I enjoyed the programme about Gower on BBC2 a couple of things stood out. I think too much time was spent on surfing in Porthcawl. The programme was supposed to be about Gower (of course the girl was granddaughter of a Gower Society member).

I think the Gower Society can be very unfair and I agree with everything Lyndon and Glenys Hall (Post, December 11) said about the Oxwich Bay Hotel, I think they should be allowed to use the marquee whenever needed. Anything that brings employment is good, I don’t mean theme parks, but anything within reason.

How many members of the Gower Society have family going back hundreds of years from Gower as Ian Williams has, also my own family, at least four generations went to Knelston school, I have Gower in my heart.

Hilary Rees


Article source: http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/Gower-unfair-Gower/story-17646556-detail/story.html