‘Health fears could drive us from Barry’

Thursday, 22 March 2018

– Local People

by Tim ChapmanGEM Reporter

A Barry resident says he and his partner are thinking of moving their family out of the town because of the Biomass UK No2 Ltd plant at the docks.

Leon Robertson and his partner Gemma say they don’t want to take a gamble on the health of their young children Seren, aged three, and Ffion, aged one.

They say they have particular concerns about dust that might be blown across the town from the pile of chipped wood at the docks which will be used at the plant.

Leon explained: “We feel like many others that we have been let down by the people who are elected and employed to protect our best interests.

“I feel we have lost sight of the basic democratic political process in the Vale and Wales.

“We’ve not only had this monstrosity forced upon our town, but to add insult to injury a huge pile of chipped wood dumped on our dock.”

Leon, Gemma and the girls live in a nice spot in the Treharne area but hope to relocate to another town in south Wales.

He said: “I have made plans to move my young family out of our beautiful town – a town which my family have lived in for three generations.”

He said that due to the topography of the town, the wind could blow over the hill from the docks in the direction of Treharne and, if it died down, deposit wood dust in the area.

He said: “Dust off wood is carcinogenic. I can’t say 100 per cent that it won’t affect the girls and I don’t want to gamble on their health.”

Leon also emphasised that the Health and Safety Executive says on its website that wood dust can cause ‘serious health problems’ and issues guidance on avoiding it.

Biomass UK No2 Ltd says there is no danger to health and has emphasised it is bound by the terms of an environmental licence.

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