Hero Grandpa Fired after Video of him Saving Children from Shark Goes Viral …

The video footage of Paul Marshallsea grabbing a shark by its tail as it swam towards children earned him fame and the label of a hero, but the viral video also cost the 62-year-old his job, the Telegraph reports.

The video footage was shot when Marshallsea and his wife Wendy were on sick leave for work-related stress. The couple, which worked for the children’s charity Pant and Dowlais Boys Girls Club, left their home in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, for a two-month holiday in Queensland, Australia.

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While Marshallsea and his family were having a barbecue on the beach, the 62-year-old heard cries and rushed towards them. He grabbed the 6ft-long dusk whaler shark and led it out into deep water away from children that were playing in the shallow water.

The footage was captured by a nearby TV crew and was broadcast around the world. Marshallsea was declared a hero for his bravery, but when he returned home, he learned his heroism came at a price.

Marshallsea and his wife found a letter that dismissed them¬† “with immediate effect” from their jobs. According to the letter, the photos and videos created a “breakdown of the trustees’ confidence and trust in you and your ability to perform” which was so great that dismissal was the only option.

Marshallsea, who says he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and had been advised by a doctor to go on vacation, was disgusted with the charity that he had had been employed by for 10 years.

“If I hadn’t gone in to save the kids on that beach that day my wife and I would still have a job,” Marshallsea said. “You think being in charge and running a children’s charity, they would have patted me on the back and congratulated me. But to sack us both without any sort of discussions first is just disgusting.”

Marshallsea, who is now volunteering at the Hope Church Community Project in Porthcawl, added, “I never thought for one minute that wrestling with shark would cost me my job.”


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