‘Innocent man’ had cheekbone fractured in Porthcawl attack

‘Innocent man’ had cheekbone fractured in Porthcawl attack

Friday, 15 August 2014


ALCOHOL-fuelled violence in Porthcawl resulted in a totally innocent man suffering a fractured cheekbone, which required the insertion of two metal plates.

For what was described as “a vicious, unprovoked, gratuitous attack�, Ellis Perks appeared at Cardiff Crown Court and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Perks, of Gibbons Way, North Cornelly, was also ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid work and to pay his victim, Andrew O’Brien, £750 compensation.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Said Judge Tom Crowther QC: “Mr O’Brien was absolutely blameless. This was a disgraceful episode.�

Prosecutor Julian Greenwood said that on the night of October 13 last year, Mr O’Brien and a friend, Owain Davies, had a night out in Porthcawl.

In one bar, they saw Perks, who shouted:“What are you looking at?�

He later said he was going to knock out the two men.

They went outside and were followed by Perks, who offered Mr O’Brien the chance to throw the first punch. He refused. Perks then pushed him into the road and delivered “a very powerful punch� to his head.

Mr O’Brien was taken to Morriston Hospital where two metal plates were put into his fractured left cheekbone.

When arrested said Mr Greenwood, Perks said he had been drunk but would not accept he was the aggressor.

The victim, a bricklayer, said he had lost seven weeks’ employment and had struggled to pay his mortgage.

He added that he was not sleeping properly, was taking very strong painkillers and could not handle being in a crowd, with the result that he could not use his season ticket to watch Cardiff City.

He also said he had become withdrawn and feared for his safety.

John Ryan, for Perks, said: “One punch was delivered. There has been real contrition and he is disgusted and ashamed.

“He is trusted and is hardworking. This is his first conviction for violence.�

Much of the time, he said, he took care of his invalid father.

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