Judge brands a Porthcawl couple as ‘despicable’

Judge brands a Porthcawl couple as ‘despicable’

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A couple who stole money from a vulnerable, disabled man, have been put behind bars.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC said at Cardiff Crown Court:?“Their behaviour can be described in only one word – despicable.�

Michael Richardson-Grey (23) of New Road, Porthcawl, was jailed for two years, eight months and Sarah Davies (21), also of New Road, was jailed for 18 months.

Richardson-Grey admitted charges of burglary and theft and Davies admitted two charges of theft.

Prosecutor Ian Kolville said 68-year-old Charles Bond was disabled and unable to stand for long periods. He lived in a bedsit in New Road.

The two defendants got to know him and sometimes Davies would clean his room for £10.

On May 23, she asked to borrow £50 from him and he gave her his credit card and PIN number to obtain the money, but she withdrew £300.

Mr Bond became suspicious, called the bank and discovered what had happened.

Police later found text messages on their mobile phones indicating the defendants planned to steal from him.

Mr Kolville said that on May 30, Mr Bond awoke in his room to find Richardson-Grey nearby.

He said: “What the hell are you doing? Get out.�

Richardson-Grey left, but 30 minutes later, he was there again and said: “I?just wanted to speak to you.�

He stole £40 from Mr Bond and it was later discovered that £300 had been stolen from his bank account.

The pair, said Mr Kolville, were identified at the ATM machine on CCTV. When arrested, they both denied the allegation.

Richardson-Grey was said to have convictions for 14 offences, five for theft, and Davies had convictions for 23 offences, 17 for theft.

Rhodri Chudleigh, for Richardson-Grey, said: “It has to be conceded that?Mr Bond was targeted.�

He said that from birth, his client had a serious heart condition.

“He has had several financial issues and suffers depression.�

Rod Chudleigh, for Davies, said: “The incidents were unpalatable. But there is a degree of remorse. At the time, the pair were short of money for food.

“She has a personality disorder, and has been receiving assistance.�

The judge said that Mr Bond was effectively housebound and could probably be described as vulnerable.

He pointed out that some of the money had been used to buy a mobile phone and drugs.

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