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Saturday, 29 April 2017

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Despite the approaching local and national elections, some of our well-known politicians didn’t appear to be feeling any particular pressure as they supported Know Your Blood Pressure Day on April 22, reported a spokesperson for Porthcawl Stroke Club.

The annual event, organised nationally by the Stroke Association and supported by Rotary Clubs, gives people all over the country an opportunity to get their blood pressure checked.

First Minister, Carwyn Jones, and Madeleine Moon MP joined Porthcawl Mayor Robert Lee and his wife Ann in the queue to have their blood pressure checked at the event organised by the Rotary Club of Porthcawl, held in Trinity Church, Porthcawl, recently.

Honorary Rotarian Madeleine Moon spent an hour or so with other Rotarians encouraging the public to take the opportunity to get the free blood pressure check.

During the day, health professionals took the blood pressure of 163 people at Porthcawl. Of those people, 18 were advised to have a follow-up check within a month, and one was advised to make an urgent referral.

High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke, contributing to over 50 per cent of all strokes. These strokes could be prevented if high blood pressure was controlled, and this campaign helps people to understand the link between high blood pressure and strokes.

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