Life-saving paramedic is honoured at BBC bash

A WALES Air Ambulance paramedic from Carmarthen who saved a badly-injured climber from the foot of sea cliffs as the tide threatened to drown them has won a top bravery award.

Eastenders star Letitia Dean and Miranda’s Tom Ellis presented Aneurin Heath with his accolade at last week’s BBC 999 Awards.

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The crew of the Swansea- based South Wales Air Ambulance carried out the rescue in November 2010, which saw Mr Heath and the crew battle pounding waves to save the life of the injured climber when he fell from seaside cliffs near Porthcawl.


Aneurin and his colleagues, Phil Thomas and pilot Grant Elgar, landed at Rest Bay, Porthcawl, just minutes after receiving an emergency call that a climber had fallen.

Aneurin raced against time to get the patient off the beach in a cove as the tide threatened to swamp them.

The man suffered fractures to his spine, pelvis and both thighs after he fell more than 40ft onto rocks at Rest Bay, near Porthcawl.

Speaking on the award show which was screened last week, Aneurin said: “All we were told was that he had fallen off the cliff.


“We needed a landing area the size of a tennis court, but this was a lot smaller than that, so I had to be let down and went to the man.

“Water was nearly coming over his face and I was waist deep.

“Time was not or our side.”

The man was then winched to safety by the RAF Sea King after Aneurin managed to slip a spinal board beneath him.

He also managed to give the man morphine to ease his pain. There was a 15-minute window to rescue the man and it was the highest tide of the year.

Despite his heroic action Aneurin was humble and thanked his crew for their work.

He said: “We’ve got a good crew and there are people all over the UK that do the same job as I do.

“If they find themselves in difficult circumstances then they would do what I did.”

In December, Aneurin and his team were named Air Ambulance Team of the Year at a ceremony at the House of Lords.

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