Llantwit Major lady bowlers’ friendly encounter

Saturday, 10 June 2017

By GEM Community Correspondent
in Bowls

Llantwit Major lady bowlers welcomed Porthcawl ladies for a friendly match on Tuesday.

It was nice to meet old friends who due to their lack of numbers have had to leave the league.

Eryl and Etta played with the Porthcawl ladies, which evened the numbers the game progressed with Liz, Margaret, M. Dilys and Julie in the lead from the start, winning 23-10.

Kay, Jenny, Naomi and Helen were evenly matched as were Rhos, Babs, Marilyn and Carol, but both went ahead towards the end and won 10-18 and 17-11 respectively.

On Thursday we travelled to Pencoed, passing a very busy eisteddfod field – but no singing for us.

Joan, Pat, Eryl and Carol went into the lead early on and did not lose it, winning 16-11.

Liz, Margaret, M. Helen and Julie, although going in the lead, dropped a 5 on the 14th end leaving them one ahead, but a 2 and a 4 on the last couple of ends ensured a win of 21-20.

Kay, Margaret, H. Marilyn and Dilys, although having an up and down game, lost a 3 and a 5 on the last couple of ends, losing 16-24.

An overall win of 53-55 to Pencoed meant we only got four of the 10 points available – hard luck ladies.


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