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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

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Pupils in Year 10 at Llantwit Major School recently took part in an all-day activity for the ‘Enterprise and Employability’ part of their Welsh Baccalaureate course.

The pupils had to work together in groups to create a product of a specific theme, this year’s was ‘wearable technology.

Pupils had to write and prepare for their company’s pitch as well as create a display board to use as part of their pitch.

Pupils were given two hours in the morning to make a display board promoting their product, containing different pieces of information about their product (including cost, the logo or a picture or both of their product and their target audience).

With such little time to prepare, time management and organisational skills were essential but despite the time limit, the pupils managed to do an excellent job.

They designed some fabulous boards and delivered strong pitches.

Betsy Downes, made the display board and delivered her pitch by herself, said: “It was pretty hard doing everything by myself because I had to take on everyone else’s jobs, make the display board and talk about all the different parts of it, even if I didn’t understand it.

“It was really stressful; I think it went okay, but it would’ve been a lot easier if I did it with my group.”

Rhodri Richards, part of the Hot Headed group, said: “The display boards looked really good. Everyone worked really hard and put in loads of effort. It was great.

Some groups were given awards and named the winners, but I think everyone was a winner on that day.”

Groups were chosen to receive awards as follows: Best Pitch –Massaging Slippers; Best Display Board – Technology Ring; Most Innovative Idea – Customcase.

Overall Winners: First, Customcase; second, Hot Headed; third, Betsy Downes.

Tia-Jade Allen 10CM

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