Look what Storm Imogen’s left behind on Porthcawl’s shore

Storm Imogen may have gone but it left behind more than a few interesting reminders of its immense force.

A remarkable collection of objects – some of which originated thousands of miles away – has washed up on Porthcawl beaches and along the Wales Coast Path.

1. A life raft from a large merchant ship

Porthcawl RNLI volunteers recovered the empty life raft after it was spotted adrift in the Bristol Channel on Tuesday. It had probably washed off a large merchant ship at the height of the storm and automatically inflated on hitting the water. The hurricane force 12 wind had destroyed the canopy.

2. A can of palm oil from India

Richard Burton/Facebook

Richard Burton, from Porthcawl, found an unopened can of palm oil, made by one of India’s most-popular brands Dalda at Sker Beach on Wednesday. If it leaks out palm oil, which is used in food and household products, it’s known to be toxic to dogs if they eat it.

3. A bottle of Don Limpio from Spain

Peter Bolter

One of the many items left behind on the boardwalk section of the Wales Coast Path between Rest Bay and Sker.

4. A 15ft telegraph pole

Peter Bolter
A 15ft telegraph pole

5. A Dewalt safety shoe (the left one)

Peter Bolter
A shoe

6. A cheese grater

7. A large bin

Peter Bolter
5ft plastic bin

8. A blue hard hat

Peter Bolter

9. A motor of some kind

Peter Bolter
Part of a motor

10. A petrol can and other plastic containers

Peter Bolter

11. Part of an American detergent bottle

Peter Bolter
Biologica from Whippany, New Jersey, USA.

12. Fishing net and rope

Peter Bolter

13. A fishing buoy

Peter Bolter
Fishing buoy

Watch Storm Imogen’s waves hammer the Aberystwyth seafront

Storm Imogen hits Aberystwyth

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