Lynda’s keeping up family business

WHEN you are a fourth generation operator in a family business you must have a tale or two to tell. So Swansea market trader Lynda Colley was a natural choice to take part in a new BBC 1 Wales show.

Wales in a Year, which kicks off on Wednesday,, features Lynda and her Abrahams Family stall, which sells cooked meat and bacon.

“When my great gran started the business, she was a widow with five children,” she said. “Having killed some chickens, made several cakes and picked some parsley from the garden, she decided to bring them down to the market and that’s how the business was born. Luckily for me the venture worked!

“You could do all of your shopping at the market, there’s a tremendous amount of diversity among the stalls. And it’s the people in there who create the atmosphere, resulting in customers coming back time and time again.”

It is all a far cry from 1921 when her great grandmother Florence James sold just one bunch of parsley on her first day. Despite economically challenging times, Lynda said: “I love the market and I like being there.”

Wales in a Year is on at 8pm.

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