M4 Cardiff crash pensioners reunited with helper

Sue Salvatore-Davies

Sue Salvatore-Davies was reunited with 80-year-old Gladys Quirin at the reunion

Pensioners injured in a bus crash have been reunited with the off-duty health worker who helped them at the scene.

Sue Salvatore-Davies, from Porthcawl, was travelling along the M4 when she saw the pile-up near Cardiff.

Twenty-eight people were taken to hospital following the accident involving a small coach and four cars.

Senior healthcare support worker Ms Salvatore-Davies has now been reunited with the pensioners during a tea party in Maesteg.

Ms Salvatore-Davies, who works at Morriston Hospital’s Ty Olwen Hospice and Singleton Hospital, said the reunion had been “very moving”.

Many of the pensioners have still not yet fully recovered.

Gladys Quirin, 80, who suffered head and other injuries in the crash, said Ms Salvatore-Davies comforted her at the scene.

“Sue was there, talking to me. She was beautiful. I cannot thank her enough for helping me,” she added.

Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-32622616